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Frequently Asked Questions

Qualifying for Citizenship

Does the US permit dual citizenship?
Your US citizenship is not affected by this in any way.

How do I become a citizen?
If you have Polish ancestry, you are already technically a Polish citizen and you can apply to have your citizenship verified or by providing your heritage and by satisfying other specific eligibility criteria from the Polish government.

How do I confirm my citizenship?
You need to apply to the Citizenship Office in Warsaw to have your citizenship confirmed. This is where we help you. Your application will consist of documents, translated into Polish, forms, archival records, and  other information. Your application will be assessed by a Polish government official who reviews your file and can often seek clarifications (in Polish of course). If they are satisfied with the evidence provided, your certificate of citizenship is then issued. We will help you through this process every step of the way.

How do I know if I qualify?
Simple, take our citizenship quiz. It will take 10 minutes or less.

First, you need to have Polish ancestors, usually just one. They need to have been born in Poland (or one of the former Polish territories) and resided there after 1920. In other words, you will need to prove that your ancestor was a Polish citizen after 1920 and also at the time of your birth.

We’ll need some basic information about you, including your date and place of birth and details of your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. A family tree would also be great. We’ll ask you about your Polish roots and for a brief family history. The more details and documentation you provide, the more specific we can be in assessing your eligibility.

How long does this take?
If you have all the required documentation, the process of confirmation of citizenship can take around 6-9 months. Timing can vary significantly if more research for documents needs to be done.

I have a Polish birth certificate from a grandparent... is that enough?
Being born in Poland or having a Polish birth certificate alone does not prove one's citizenship. We can help you navigate this process.

My spouse is Polish, do I qualify?
Polish citizenship cannot be acquired through marriage, however you can reside in the EU countries with your spouse with the same rights she or he has. Your children, however, will qualify.

How about my children or grandchildren?
If your children are under the age of 18, they can be automatically included in your application for citizenship. They will need to individually apply for passports. If they are 18 or older and qualify, they will need to apply separately. Your grandchildren can also apply.

How about other family members? Can I use the same application?
All living ancestors in the direct line between you and your Polish ancestor are eligible.
If you are married or have dependents, your spouse can get a residency permit to live with you and your children are eligible for citizenship.
Applying with siblings or cousins is a great idea. You only need one set of documents and the overall process will be more efficient. Contact us for a custom quote for multiple people.

Do I need to speak Polish to become a citizen?
You do not need to speak Polish to reclaim your Polish citizenship - you are only required to prove your lineage to a Polish ancestor. There is no requirement to speak Polish to have your citizenship confirmed, however, if you decide to prepare the application on your own, you will need an advanced level of Polish language, as the whole process is carried out in Polish. This is where we help you.

Will I need to go to Poland?
No. If you are a Polish citizen by ancestry, there is no residency requirement nor are you required to go to Poland at any time during or after this process.

Can I apply for citizenship by myself in English?
The application must be submitted in Polish. All official documentation, application forms, statements and archival records must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator. This is what we do.

Do you only work with US clients?
No. We have clients from many countries.

EU Definition and Brexit

Can I live and work in other EU countries?
Yes. Having a Polish passport is like having a passport to any EU country, allowing you to live and work anywhere in the EU.

What countries are in the EU?
Member countries include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. Passports issued in those countries are EU passports.

What about Brexit?
As of today, Polish citizens ability to move to or work in the UK has not changed.

The PolandPassport.com Process

How does your process work?
Here is what happens if you proceed:

As everyone’s circumstances are different, we have to assess your situation individually. Once we have gained a better understanding of your situation, we will inform you of your chances of success. Again, this is completely free and there is no obligation on your part to proceed with any of our services.

You will need to give us some basic information about yourself and your family with our short qualification quiz. We will send you an email and tell you if you qualify.
You will receive a confirmation  that describes the process. There is no obligation.
We may email you to ask some more questions or to schedule a phone call.

Fees and Why to Choose PolandPassport.com

How much do you charge?
It depends on the complexity of your case. Quotes are free without obligation. All cases are priced individually.
If you have detailed knowledge of your family’s history and have access to documentation proving your ancestry such as Polish passports, birth certificates, army records and other historical materials, we can easily provide an all-inclusive free no obligation quote for our services.

Is it possible to do all the work myself without your help?
You can do this yourself via your local consulate. It’s hard to do.
As an example:
You will have to navigate your way, in Polish, through Polish laws, regulations and bureaucracy;
You must nominate a resident of Poland to act on your behalf;
You start the process without having an idea on what the final cost is going to be.
There are many opportunities for error and delay in the process. This is why we have a business.

Why should I trust you with my information?
We have strict policies and procedure in place to assure you personal information and documents are treated in confidence. We never share any information with anyone unless expressly authorized by you.
Here is a link to our Privacy Policy.

Who are you?
Neil Kaplan, founder of PolandPassport.com, has run numerous online businesses and has a long track record of success and integrity including stints at Bain and Company, Universal Studios Hollywood and the Los Angeles Times. He started this business to help others do exactly what he did. He successfully gained his Polish citizenship and passport as well as for three of his children as well. He is of Polish and of Jewish heritage. Neil has created his PolandPassport.com team with the best researchers and attorneys in Poland.

Where are you located and what is your phone number?
Our US Headquarters is in Torrance, California (near Los Angeles). We have a team of researchers and attorneys in Warsaw, Poland. Our phone number is +1 424 307 4079.

Obtaining a Passport after Citizenship Confirmation

How do I apply for a passport?
To apply for a Polish passport you need to be a citizen of Poland. You also need to have your birth certificate registered in Poland and you need to have a PESEL number (a Polish identification number similar to the US Social Security number). After we confirm your citizenship, we then help you fill out your passport application which you will need to submit to a Polish consulate.
You will need to complete a passport application form in Polish as well as provide two identical photographs, your Polish birth and/or marriage certificate (we’ll get these documents as this as part of our process) and passport processing payment. The passport application must be submitted at a Polish consulate (anywhere in the world). Some consulates allow for the passport to be mailed to you once issued.

What types of passports are there?
Poland issues passports valid for 10 years for adults, 5 years for children. They are produced in Poland and contain biometric features including fingerprints and a chip. This type of passport typically gets you expedited exit and entry at EU airports. It’s a huge time saver. Never wait in those awful lines at Heathrow again!
In an emergency, you can apply for an interim passport, valid for 12 months and produced by the Polish consulate locally. In urgent cases, the interim passport can be issued within 24 hours.

How do I apply for a passport for my child?
Both parents must be present to submit the passport application, unless there is a court decision restricting the parental authority of one of the parents.  For complicated cases, please ask us.

Citizenship, Domicile, Tax and Other Issues

Does it matter where I live?
No. We can help citizens of most any country.

Can I hold dual citizenship?
Yes. Most countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand and South Africa allow you to have dual or multiple citizenships.

Do I have to renounce my current citizenship?
In many countries including the US, having another country’s citizenship will not affect your current citizenship but you should check regulations with local authorities.

What about security clearance in my home country?
We are not qualified to answer this question. Please check with your local government if you need security clearance.

What about taxes?
Most countries have signed bilateral agreements whereby you only pay tax in one country.  For a US citizen there are generally no tax issued related to this unless you begin working in the EU.
Polish citizens who are non-residents (live outside of Poland) and who do not work in Poland, are not required to pay Polish taxes.

What is an apostille?
The Apostille is usually a stamp (or a sticker) placed on original documents to confirm their authenticity. Countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 are required to present their official documents accompanied by Apostilles. Birth, death and marriage certificates, notarial deeds, court documents, sworn translations and other official documents need to be Apostilled before they can be submitted to other Hague Convention signatory countries.  We often will need this stamp to officially process your documents.

Is there a requirement for military service or draft registration?