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Here are a few quotes from some of our clients....

Today my Polish passport arrived, I am so happy! It is totally thanks to you. You worked incredibly hard and got me through all the obstacles. There is no way I could have done this without your patient help. You are full of integrity in this world of fake news. It is so heart-warming to find people of your caliber.
— Rene Wyndham, Former BBC-TV Journalist

My own history didn't make the break, but they helped me get answers far quicker than I would have known. However, my cousin, who had been trying for a while independently, was able to break through and is about to be granted one for her, and subsequently her family. So awesome!
— Hope N., Los Angeles, CA USA

The people at Poland Passport made the whole process smooth. My family had a very complicated history, thought we were German, turns out we are Polish. They handled every step with care and kept us informed the entire time. I now have my Polish citizenship as do my children. We all have passports as well and have used them to travel in Europe and Poland with no issues. I highly recommend this service.
— Nancy K., Winooski, VT, USA was an efficient, smooth, and personal way to easily get all of my documents to become a Polish citizen and ultimately receive my passport. Neil, Anna, and Adele are all kind and willing to help with any questions. Send in your free query and get this process started!
— Lily K, Colorado Springs, CO USA

With Brexit coming, I needed PolandPassport's services so I could continue to work in France. The team was thorough, efficient and highly detailed in helping me gather all the documents needed to present my case.
— Nicola S. London, UK