Genealogy Tips

Here are some tips to make the process go faster:

Start with yourself and your family.

Write down your own name, birth date, place of birth, parents, husband or wife if married, date of marriage, place of marriage, children's complete names and their dates of birth. After you do your own family, do your parents, grandparents and so on.


Create a family tree to help you with the process of getting your citizenship.

The family tree will give you a clear perspective of what you know, who is related to whom and what you are missing for each individual. There are many software packages available to help you do a family tree but you can also do it in a simple spreadsheet or even draw it up by hand. Start with the basic details:  names, dates and places and slowly add to it as you go along.

Look through documents for any helpful information such as dates and names.

It’s worth assessing old photos, letters and records as they can contain many helpful details. Look for dates, names and any other useful information. Don’t forget envelopes and inscriptions on backs of photos. Anything in your possession can contain clues: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, naturalization certificates, army registrations, travel documents.


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