How do I get a passport?

Let Poland Passport help you in getting your Polish Passport.

You can obtain an EU passport if you are citizen of one of the EU member countries.

If you have Polish citizenship, you are already an EU citizen. Poland is a member of the EU.

If you have Polish ancestry, you can apply to have your Polish citizenship confirmed, provided you meet specific eligibility criteria. This is where we help. You can then apply for your EU passport.

Specifically, the confirmation of Polish citizenship occurs after the Polish government issues a decision on your case. Persons who left Poland in the distant past or who were born abroad (as child or grandchild of Polish emigrants) have to check their Polish citizenship status (whether or not they still hold Polish citizenship). We help you through this process.

The United States expressly permits dual citizens. Your US citizenship is not affected by this in any way. If you are from a different country, please check with your local authorities.

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