Fun Facts


  • EU citizens can vote and be a candidate in European Parliament elections in the EU country that you reside, under the same conditions as the nationals of that country.
  • EU citizens can vote and be a candidate in national elections in the EU country where you reside under the same conditions as the nationals of that country.
  • In 14 member states, an EU citizen may become the mayor of the municipality where he or she resides, without being a national of that country.
  • In the most recent elections held in the EU, more than 2,000 EU citizens stood as candidates in the member state where they resided without having the nationality of that state.
  • Over 14 million EU citizens reside in another member state. Free movement – or the ability to live, work or study anywhere in the Union – is the EU right most cherished by Europeans.
  • Erasmus+ will enable over 4 million European students over the next 5 years to have education or training experiences abroad. Check it out!
  • EU citizens rely on being protected by a comprehensive set of passenger rights when travelling by air, rail, ship or bus. In certain circumstances, you get compensation in cases of cancellation or delay.
  • EU citizens get extra protection if you buy package holidays including rights to cancellation without penalties and protection if a tour operator or airline goes bankrupt.
  • EU citizens can go to any other EU member state’s consulate or embassy to ask for help when you travel to a country outside the EU and your home country is not represented.  EU member states must help citizens of other member states to leave a country in crisis situations.
  • You can contact the European Direct Contact Centre which answers all sorts of questions on EU-related matters by email or phone. You can also visit the Direct Information Centres which are throughout Europe.
  • You can use the website Your Europe for practical information and your rights when moving, living, studying, training, working, shopping or travelling abroad.
  • You can dial 112, the EU emergency number, free from any mobile or landline phone everywhere in the EU. Operators speak a variety of languages and will put you through to the right emergency service.
  • You can change your telecom provider without changing your number in any EU country.
  • Mobile roaming prices are regulated by the EU.

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